Trade River EFC


PRAISE THE LORD! We have a pastor!

After 16 months, the Lord has brought us our new pastor. We are excited to officially welcome Pastor David Lund to the church on September 18, 2022. Along with Pastor David, we are being gifted with his lovely wife, Kimberly and their adorable children, August, Edna, and Frances.

Our outstanding interim pastor, Pastor Scott Roen, passed the baton during our regular church service at 9:30 a.m. We have so appreciated Pastor Scott’s help in our church for the last 16 months and especially his assistance to the Pastoral Search Team as they searched for the pastor the Lord handpicked for Trade River Evangelical Free Church.

Pastor David will begin preaching Sunday services on September 25, 2022. Please plan to attend in person or listen on Facebook.
Celebrate God’s leading with us!